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G503 WWII Jeep 1942 Willys MB History

The G503 WWII Jeep 1942 Willys MB has an important place in history. Here some interesting notes about the Jeep history for this time period.

This article applies to Willys MB WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Willys Contracts
Willys had 7 contracts with the Government to build the Willys/Bantam design jeep. They were as follows: (summarized from Nabholtz information)

Contract #Serial #Date of DeliveryHow Many?(Approx)
W-1100001-118xxxNov 41 - Feb 4218,000+
W-2118xxx-142xxxFeb 42 - May 4224,000+
W-3142xxx-204xxxMay 42 - Jan 4362,000+
W-4204xxx-289xxxJan 43 - Dec 4385,000+
W-5289xxx-402xxxDec 43 - Dec 44113,000+
W-6402xxx-456xxxDec 44 - Jul 4554,000+
W-7456xxx-459851Jul 45 - Sep 453500~

3. A Willys Jeep produced in 1942 could be under one of three contracts:
Contract W-1, W-2 and part of W-3
Serial numbers: 100001-204xxx

1942 Production by Month
MonthSerial NumberHow Many?
Nov 41100001-101xxx1,000+
Dec 41101xxx-108xxx8,000~
Jan 42108xxx-116xxx8,000~
Feb 42116xxx-122xxx6,000~
Mar 42122xxx-132xxx10,000~
Apr 42132xxx-140xxx8,000~
May 42140xxx-147xxx7,000~
Jun 42147xxx-155xxx8,000~
Jul 42155xxx-165xxx10,000~
Aug 42165xxx-170xxx5,000~
Sep 42170xxx-178xxx8,000~
Oct 42178xxx-185xxx7,000~
Nov 42185xxx-192xxx7,000~
Dec 42192xxx-200xxx8,000~

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